The Secret Fuel of Creative Pursuits


Photo by J Williams on Unsplash

This guilt, however, never seemed to jolt me into action.

The real “trick” of the matter is unearthing who might need what it is you offer.

A few of my whimsical masks once the real once got finished

2 thoughts on “The Secret Fuel of Creative Pursuits

  1. I can understand your fear, not sure if it’s the right word. But being apprehensive about the sewing machine. And thankfully the request for the masks got you through the hurdle. You did it!! This also made me think of your knitting shop and how I miss it. I loved that it brought Lee and her friends together each sunday and learned how to knit. I still want you to try and teach me again, although you might not want to after my sourdough bread questions.
    Another wonderful story.

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